“1600 page views your first month? Impossible!”

How many of you said that in your head? It really isn’t impossible to get over 1600 views within your first month. With the right strategy in place, you can double that number! You have to stay dedicated, motivated and most of all, positive. Keep a positive mindset or you’ll cause your own downfall. Why did you start your blog? Use that to keep pushing towards your goals. 

So you launched your blog, 3-4 posts containing great content and now you’re stuck with 10 page views from your family and friends every day.  You’re trying to figure out how you’re going to get more people to see this amazing new blog you have. Here’s:

How to Get Over 1600 Page Views Your First Month!

1) Join Groups 

Groups are a surefire way to grow your page views. Joining Facebook blogging groups are very helpful in driving traffic.

Read How To Drive Traffic to Your Blog Using Facebook to learn the same tips and tricks I used. For some of us, Facebook has been our main source of traffic while we try to conquer other social media such as Pinterest.

2) Join Pinterest Boards

 A huge way to gain traffic is asking to join Pinterest boards of your niche. Aim for boards with over a thousand followers.

Once you find your ideal Pinterest board, follow the board, the person who created it then send them a quick email asking to be a contributor.

The creator’s email should be located in the board’s bio or their personal bio. In your email, include your Pinterest URL as well as the email you signed up with and your blog URL.  

Read the bio thoroughly as it would state if they are accepting new contributors or it is closed. Some tend to open back up after a while so keep a look out.

In your email, include your Pinterest URL as well as the email you signed up with and your blog URL. Read the bio thoroughly as it would state if they are accepting new contributors or it is closed. Some tend to open back up after a while so keep a look out.

 I actually just finished an awesome course by one of my favorite bloggers, Eden Fried. It gave me the best advice I’ve had about gaining Pinterest traffic. I’m seeing a difference already!  Use my affiliate link to check out Eden’s Pinterest Unpuzzled.

Here is how to get over 1600 pageviews in your first month blogging

2) Promote Yourself on Social Media


Once you join Facebook groups, read the rules. There are certain days they let you promote your blog content.

Don’t be afraid to post your blog links. Usually, when you post on promo days, the rules say to like, share, pin and or comment on another member’s post.

Reciprocity helps page views. If your content helps answer a question or gives a solution, you’ll get comments as well.

It’s a good idea to ask for feedback, tips, and suggestions as to what changes may need to be done, grammar checks or polishing up certain links. Bloggers are sweethearts and willing to help you achieve your goals! 

Pinterest group boards

When you’re in a Pinterest group board, share your pins on those boards. You also want to re-pin other’s pins as well.

The idea of Pinterest boards is reciprocity as well except you’re pinning other’s content as well as your own.

Do not go overboard and crowd the board with your pins. It looks spammy and you could get yourself deleted and/or banned.  

Just as you’re trying to get exposure, so is the next blogger. Help them out by re-pinning for them,

Don’t forget to share on your Instagram, Twitter, Bloglovin, Goggle+ and other social media accounts. The goal is to get yourself and your blog noticed.

Facebook and Pinterest are the top dogs for traffic. Just don’t underestimate the ability of other social media platforms. They could surprise you.

Just don’t underestimate the ability of other social media platforms. They could surprise you.

3) Engage with Other Bloggers

Engaging with other bloggers can be another great way to get page views. Your main goal as a blogger is to connect with your audience, but why not connect with other bloggers as well?

You could, unknowingly, be solving a problem or answering a question they had within your blog posts. When you connect with other bloggers, you gain a new type of audience as well as a new friend.

Becoming a blogger opens you up to a whole new world where long lasting relationships is very real.

Try messaging or emailing a blogger or two in your Facebook and Pinterest group with any questions you may have. They are always willing to help out a fellow blogger.

You can ask them for a one-on-one session if they live in your area or to get a second opinion on a blog post, freebie or course you may be ready to launch. It works effectively if you message a fellow blogger that has the same niche as you.

Wrap Up

They may have some valuable information that you didn’t get when researching that specific niche. The number of information a blogger has is endless! 

This is very helpful to beginner bloggers who may not know about a certain topic or what goes into an ebook. I reach out to multiple bloggers whenever I’d like a second, third, fourth and fifth opinion.

I like to cover my bases. It lets me know if I’m on the right track or if I need a little guidance.

I’m sorry this was so lengthy guys, but I didn’t want to leave anything out. I want you to take full advantage of everything that’s out there. Leave no stone un-turned! Be creative and stay knowledgeable.

Are there any other ways you know that can help get page views that haven’t been named? All information is welcome! 



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Learn how I got over1600 pageviews my first month blogging with these 3 easy tips


  • Always love to read about more blogging tips! Thanks!

    • tiamac

      No, thank you for reading and finding it helpful! If you want, you can subscribe to my blog and you’ll get the deets first on new upcoming blogging tips I have brewing!

  • Great tips! I am looking for more pinterest groups to pin to and engage with. Do you have a list of Pinterest groups?

    • tiamac

      I can make one for you! send me an email through the contact list so I have it and know where to send the list to!

  • Commenting on larger websites and leaving your link! My traffic always spikes after I leave a meaningful comment on Racked.com or Man Repeller,etc. Just don’t be spammy!

    • tiamac

      Never heard of those sites before. I’ll go check them out. THANKS!

  • Hi Tiamac,

    Love your blog and I really appreciate your time sharing the blogging tips that are working for you. I’ve pretty much used all of them.

    The ones that I seem to have issues with is getting out there and networking with other bloggers. When I spend time on my blog, I tend to just put my head down and work.

    Most bloggers don’t realize the hard work that it takes to start getting traction to their blogs. Your tips will definitely help them get started driving traffic.

    Thanks again Tiamac and congrats on getting over 1600 page views your first month. I know these tips will help other new bloggers start driving more traffic to their blogs.

    Have a great day!

    – Susan