Budget getting in the way of starting a blog?


It is totally understandable if you’re on a blogging budget. Everyone doesn’t start with the same amount of money when starting their blog. I emptied my account which was under $50 at the time to start my blog. Do not feel like that is what you have to do to start a blog. Everyone’s journey is different. Go with what you can afford. The most successful bloggers started on a budget so do not feel embarrassed.

I’m back on a budget because of my high-risk pregnancy. I will be giving birth in the next couple of weeks so I’m in preparation while on maternity leave.

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Sticking to a budget will help in the future when earning affiliate marketing income so think of it as a good thing. Nothing is out of reach to help start and launch your dream blog. You can always go back and do weekly or monthly upgrades when you have the money. Nothing stays the same. Your blog will always change when it comes to different promotion strategies, what direction you want the blog to go in and what audience you plan to reach. Everyone goes through it. You and your blog will develop and grow over time in the right direction. I have put together a resource tool guide that caters to whatever budget you may have. I hope this is helpful!

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Start Your Blog on A Budget Resource Guide


Hostgator – plans as low as $3.95. Use the code: 1Cent to get your first month for literally .1 cent.

Bluehost –  plans as low as $3.95

Siteground – plans as low as $3.95



Plugins (free)

 Shareaholic – social share buttons to help your audience share on social media

ClickToTweet –  install tweet boxes in content to make it easier for your audience to tweet your content or certain quotes on Twitter

FMTC Affiliate Disclosure – when displaying affiliate links in your content, there needs to be a disclosure in your post so your audience knows. This plugin will automatically insert a disclosure under your blog title. 

Yoast SEO – search engine optimization plugin to help content discovery on Google

Google Analytics – displays blog statistics such as blog views, what sites the views came from, viewer demographics, all the information you need

Grammarly – chrome plugin to correct grammatical errors

Askimet – spam blocking software

WordPress Themes – free 1-click installs provided with WordPress self-hosting 

PrettyLinks – cloaks and shortens URLs (free and paid plans)

Contact 7 Form – basic contact form

UpdraftPlus, Vaultpress – website content backup


*These plugins can be installed using the Plugins option in the WordPress toolbar on the left 

Blogging Tools (free and paid plans)


Tailwind, BoardBooster, Viraltag, Hootsuite, Buffer – apps to schedule pinned images on Pinterest and all social medias

Canva, PicMonkey – Pinterest design site for customizing pins and blog graphics 

Convertkit – The BEST email marketing tool to help keep your emailing tasks easier

TinyPng – optimizes Pinterest images (free)

Linktr.ee – helps link blog content on Instagram (free)

Bit.ly – link shortener. I combine this with Linktr.ee to make my Instagram links clickable


Stock Photos 



Ivorymix – $10 monthly membership

Color U Bold – $10 monthly membership 

Boss Latina – $12 monthly membership

Creative Market – marketplace for discounted stock photos








IMPORTANT: It is better to go with a paid stock photo membership to avoid any kind of copyright and other legal issues with free photos. Start out with free until you can afford a $10 monthly subscription. I used free stock photos for two weeks then I discovered IvorymixColor U Bold’s and Boss Latina. Sign up for their newsletter and get free monthly stock photos on top of the membership. EASY WIN!


Wrap Up

These are the exact tools I use or have used to start and grow my blog. I will be updating this list as I progress throughout the year. I really do hope this resource guide helps you launch your blog and works within your monthly budget.

Are there any programs I might have missed that needs to be added to the list? Which programs, products, and services do you use to help stay within your budget? Let me know! Don’t forget to share this with your fellow bloggers or with someone you know who wants to start a blog, but is on a budget as well. 

Don’t forget to grab your blog checklist!

On a budget? Don't worry. Here's a guide of tips and list to start a blog on a budget





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  • Thanks for the plugin tips I needed that! This is very useful for people just beginning to blog!

    • tiamac

      Thank you! I was in the same boat so I just want to help others

  • As a student blogger, budgeting how I can get the best return on investment into my blog is SO important! Great article!

    • tiamac

      Thank you! Just trying to help any way I can!

  • My first blog was a free WordPress. Once Jasmine at Color U Bold helped me define my blog vision, I revamped with a blue host hosted site. It definitely helps to have a plan and budget when starting. Stick photos was a struggle for me as well, but Color U bold has been my go to resource. Great post! You have laid everything out beautifully!

    • tiamac

      I didn’t have one, but now I do. I started out with self-hosting because everyone said this is something you absolutely need when blogging. Isn’t Jasmine great?! I love her and her photos so much! She’s really one of those bloggers and creatives that want to see you thrive and she does a great job at helping others. I’m so happy you enjoyed this!

  • Thanks for the tips. I’ll be moving to WordPress soon and this is helpful.

    • tiamac

      No prob! If you need help with anything, don’t be afraid to reach out!

  • Wow, Tia! This article is SO helpful! I know when I first decided to start my blog I was so excited that I didn’t want to do the research on where things could be done most efficiently, I just wanted it done! This is a one stop shop! Great post! xo
    Kelly recently posted…Yummy, Healthy Treats with Country Farms ProductsMy Profile

    • tiamac

      Me too!! I started making adjustments after I was 3 blog posts in lol. Thank you for enjoying it!

  • These are so useful, thank you for compiling! 🙂
    Jacinta recently posted…Dear Breastfeeding Mama, (& a Giveaway!)My Profile

    • tiamac

      I’m glad you enjoyed them. Thank you!

  • Great list, it is so useful, especial for someone who is new in blogging and overwhelmed with where and how. I would say YoastSEO made a huge difference in my traffic and would recommend it to every blogger. Converkit is on my “wish list” for now.
    Lily recently posted…How to get housework done with keeping your toddler happyMy Profile

    • tiamac

      I’m on the free plan for Convertkit. It’s solo easy and if you get confused on anything, support and tutorials are given!

  • If you host with WordPress on GoDaddy you get a stock library built in when combined with Pixabay and your own archives you can typically find whatever you need.

    • tiamac

      That’s cool! I’ll definitely add that to the list. Thanks!

  • I’m a fan of Color U Bold, but I had no idea about the other two stock photo memberships! I’m into the concept of variety, and sometimes my wallet pays for it. This is going to save me a ton of heartache! 👍🏾

    • tiamac

      Yes!!! And they’re all gorgeous photos! keep your blog and your wallet happy!

  • Alex

    Nice list. Thanks for sharing

    • tiamac

      Thank you for enjoying!

  • I love these budget tips. Thank you!

    • tiamac

      You’re very welcome!

  • Lots of great links in this post! You can definitely have a blog and stick to a budget!

    Molly and Stacie

    • tiamac

      Definitely! Low cost for great services!

  • Very helpful, I don’t think I’ve seen this much info with links in one blog.

    • tiamac

      I try to help as much as I can! I still use these to this day

  • I’m still so new at blogging and found this an amazing resource! Thank you! Reading this just let me breathe a little, you know? I appreciate this and you! I’ve saved this post and will refer back!♡

    • tiamac

      Thank you so much! Breathe girl! I didnt find a list like this when I started so Ik I had to share this with my fellow bloggers. You dont have to break the bank to be successful!

  • This is a good starting list. I recently set up and didn’t know about some of these. Good list of stock photos!

    • tiamac

      Thank you so much. I hope these resources help you in the end!

  • Great list! I am a new blogger so I am always looking for tips and more information! So many great links in this post. Thank you!

  • yukti agrawal

    Very useful tips. I will save your post for using all free resources. As I know YOast SEO in WordPress is paid one becuase when I tried to implement it they asked me to convert my account to Business plan.