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Congrats! You’ve taken the first step to being an affiliate. Now it’s time to put those links to use and start making some money. Use these tricks to help you jump start your affiliate marketing strategy!

Blogging is the best thing that could’ve ever happened to me! I say this all the time, but it is so true! Many other bloggers I’m sure would agree.  So you’ve started your blog, you’re creating content, and you’re getting good traffic. Some bloggers think they have to wait until their traffic is in huge numbers when in reality, you don’t. You can actually start from the day you launch. I explain it here in Monetizing Your BlogWouldn’t it be great to get different tips and tricks to everything in life? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered!


So you’re ready to get affiliating? The first step is to apply to affiliate networks. It usually takes between 24-72 hours depending on the network for your application to be accepted. After you’re accepted, they send you your text/email links, banners and text images. Now you’re wondering how you’re going to start marketing. Well, I’m here to let you know the:

3 Tricks of Affiliate Marketing


1) Do NOT apply to too many affiliates!

I understand that you are excited and want to start making money with your blog. You know what companies you want to work for and what products you want to promote. Do not go overboard. You have to have a strategy to promote and having too many affiliates at one time can be very overwhelming. You’ll spend too much time on which link to put where or if it is even relevant to the post at all. Start off with a small amount of 3-4 affiliate products. After that when you’re confident enough to handle more, implement more. You do not want to spread yourself thin.

I made the mistake of applying before even coming up with a strategy. I searched around for help to figure out where to even start to create a strategy and that’s when I remembered my favorite blogger, Michelle Schroeder-Gardner, created a course on every strategy she used to earn affiliate income. She’s making over $50,000 a month! Visit her website using my link to Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing to learn how she did it!  

2) Do NOT use your affiliate links that are not relevant to your post!

The first place you’ve read on Pinterest or anywhere else is to apply your affiliate links within your blog posts. That’s a great idea, isn’t it? I mean what is another way to start off getting your links noticed? What you don’t want to do is put irrelevant links within your blog posts as well. If you’re a travel blogger, do not include links about a DIY craft. Use the links that are relevant to traveling such as the best hotels to stay at or airline with great prices to buy tickets. Your audience connects with you. Do not lose their trust with promoting something that is nowhere near your niche. It’ll damage your credibility with them and you could risk losing them. They trust you for a reason.

3) Do not apply too many links in one spot!

Having too many links in one paragraph or blog post will leave your audience thinking that now you’re just an advertiser and you don’t love blogging anymore. For beginners just starting out, that’s one thing you do not want to do. Don’t lose a number of followers you have just to make money off your blog. It will be harder to grow them back. Word travels fast in the blog world and you do not want to make a bad impression already. You still have to build your blog up.

You want to avoid your page looking spammy. It will cause your page to load slower. I went to a fellow blogger’s page and all her links were EVERYWHERE! They were at the top of her page, the sidebar, and in between every paragraph. I didn’t even make it past the second paragraph of her post before I just exited the screen. She had valuable information I wanted to read, but I just couldn’t get past all the affiliate posts. I got upset and frustrated because the page wouldn’t load. This is something you definitely do not want happening to you. You can lose an audience before you even gained them so be wary. There is nothing wrong with 3-4 links in your entire post. Just do not spam your page.

BONUS: Make It Personal!

Make it personal when it comes to promoting an affiliate. Believe it or not, your audience can tell if you’ve used the product or not. A personal story with every affiliate will give you leverage of someone clicking your link. If they can relate to your story, it’s a good chance someone will buy the product. Remember why your audience connected with you in the first place. Do not lose that bond!


Just to recap on these tricks so you do not make these mistakes in the future.

1) Do not apply to too many affiliates at once because you have to have a strategy first or you’re just going to be all over the place. Michelle helped me do that by showing me her strategies. Visit Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing to learn how Michelle is making over $50,000 a month!

2) Do not use affiliate links not relevant to your blog posts. You will not look credible in the eyes of your audience anymore and they can lose their trust in you. If you won a travel blog, use links relevant to airplane tickets and hotels. Not DIY crafts you can do at home. It just doesn’t work.

3) Do not put all your links in one spot. It will make your page look spammy and cause your page load to be slower. No one wants to struggle to read your post. You can lose a potential audience member before you get them. 3-4 is fine.


Do you know of any other tricks to affiliate marketing? What are some of your strategies so far and are they working for you? Don’t forget to share with your fellow bloggers and connect with me on social media. Subscribe to Everyday Tia to get more tips, tricks, discounts and upcoming freebies!