How to Start a Blog on a Cheap Budget in 2018!

Get your blog up and running without breaking the bank

You’ve finally decided to be a blogger? CONGRATS!! Let me tell you, it’s the best decision you’ll ever make. It was for me at least. Not that long ago, I was newbie blogger so I know exactly the feeling you’re having. You’re either excited and can’t wait to publish your first post, OR you’re scared as hell because you don’t even know where to start. Am I right so far? Most likely.


So, you’re ready to start your new blogging journey…


Blogging For Beginners: Almost A Month In!


HOLY CRAP! Has it been almost a month blogging?

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Guys, you do not understand how shocked I am. It’s so surreal. It’s crazy how just about a month ago that I was sitting at home on the bed texting my mom asking what kind of job or side hustle I could do while on maternity leave to make money. Instantly, she responded, “Start a blog.” My first words were, “That sounds super hard. I don’t even know how to start or how I’d make money off of it. She said, “You better Google it.” My mama always telling me to google something dang! For this, though, I appreciate her, my uncle and my boyfriend for telling me to go for it. They gave me all kinds of tips and ideas that they found or thought of while I did thousands and thousands of research on a daily. Every day Kevin, my boyfriend, asked what I would be doing and I’d say the same thing: researching on blogging.” I was grateful that I found all the information I could on blogging. It gave me great ideas.

One night, I read a couple of experienced blogger’s blogs about starting a blog for beginners. There were bloggers talking about the different hosting sites such as Blue Host, GoDaddy, or SiteGround and how they got great hosting packaging deals. As a newbie thinking to start a blog, what did I do? I clicked those links to see how much the packages were. Let me tell you when I saw Blue Host’s packaging deals and compared it to my bank account at the time, I clicked that close tab button so fast lol. I said welp time to keep looking. Like all beginners wanting to start something new, you’re on a tight budget in the beginning until you can afford it later. I ended up on Google and what did I put in the search bar? Say it with me: cheap blog hosting sites. Yall know I was not playing. I’m cheap and I low key was broke at the time too so I was definitely searching. Anyway, the first result said, “Top 10 Best Hosting Sites For 2017” so I clicked on it and again, there was Blue Host, GoDaddy, and some others I can’t remember. I came across one that said Hostgator which I’ve never heard before. I remember saying, “Hostgator? Let me see their prices.” I searched on their site and thought well these prices don’t work for me either so I cleared my Google and started getting on my social media.

Two days later, I had a notification in my email from Hostgator saying last day for this deal so I got on their website. It said to start now for $0.01. In my head, I said, “What? That can’t be right.” Late that night around 12a, I ended up looking at other blogs again and decided to see how much the hosting package would be. I was surprised that you could get a domain free included in the package. When I got to the total, it only said: “55.99” including site protection to keep information private and a package to keep my domain name as well as something else I don’t remember. I remember thinking, “Wow…..that is not bad compared to the other packages I saw.” In that moment, I made a critical decision. I emptied out my bank account and went negative to buy the domain. As soon as I got the confirmation email I had this overwhelming feeling rush over me. It was excitement, nervousness, and fear. I let out a deep breath and said if I’m going to go for it, this is the first step. After that, I started setting up my site, plugins and started writing down my ideas on posts to come in the future.

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I know I’ve said this many times before, but I have to reiterate. Blogging has really changed my life in just a small amount of time. Everyone who knows me personally knows I am very shy, but once we’ve spoken a couple times and I’m comfortable around you, all bets are off. You get the real me lol.  Blogging has opened up so many doors so far. Reaching out to bloggers has definitely gotten me out of my shell. I usually don’t speak if I’m not spoken to, but because I wanted to know so much I just went for it. After my introduction and about me posts, I just say what’s on my mind or a topic that any regular person would speak about. Within 2 – 3 weeks of my blog officially launching late last month, I’ve gotten great feedback from new and experienced bloggers. At this moment, I’ve reached over 1100 blog views, over 20 subscribers after two days of using List Builder AND after my mini-viral post, “Monetizing Your Blog: For Beginners By A Beginner,” I am officially an affiliate for ten companies!I am so excited guys!  If you missed, “Monetizing Your Blog: For Beginners By A Beginner,” you can read it here. To some of you reading this saying that, “Oh she thinks that’s something good or Those numbers are low. How is she happy about that?” WHO CARES? The fact that I was able to gain these numbers at only 2-3 weeks is a big accomplishment for me, not you. If you can’t be happy for someone else, just go about your business. Anyway, I couldn’t have done this with you guys. Blogging has sincerely become a passion of mine because of YOU! The fact that you feel you can relate to me in my posts is definitely completing the number one goal I had for myself. Thank you guys again! If you have any questions at all, please feel free to email me or comment and I will definitely get back to you. I want you to succeed as well. Some of you are probably asking if I’ve made any money so far, but the answer is no. I’m still implementing different strategies to my blog in order to be successful in affiliate marketing. Don’t worry, I will generate a monthly income report for you even if all I made was $5. I think it’s best to start from the ground up to really see your progression and to show others it’s okay that you only made $5 for the month. You’re $5 richer than what you were so be proud!  Subscribe and follow me on social media! See you!

One BIG Secret To Affiliate Marketing

Big secret to affiliate marketing

Can you keep a secret about affiliate marketing?


Everyone wants to monetize their blog, especially using affiliate marketing. I definitely can relate, though. Make your paper any way you can.  What ways can you make money with your blog may you ask? There’s affiliate marketing, freelancing,  placing ads on your blog page, selling items on your page, eBooks, eCourses, and so much more. You can do almost anything to make money with your blog. The most popular way many bloggers worldwide will all tell you is affiliate marketing. Bloggers love affiliate marketing because it is also known as passive income.