I’m sure you’re just as excited as I am to start making money from our blogs.

You’ve probably been Googling and Pinteresting your butt off trying to figure out ways to monetize your blog. Even subscribed to popular bloggers, re-pinning monetizing posts and joining FB and Pinterest groups to learn the secrets of their ways.


It’s not hard to monetize your blog nor do you have to wait to do so. In my opinion, it’s better to start making money from the very beginning. That way, you can make all your mistakes as you grow and by the time your blog is gaining traction, you’ll know exactly what you’re doing and won’t be missing out on any money.


Guest posts, creating your own services and digital products, or ads may seem complicated to you or you may feel as though you’re not ready to do either one. The perfect option to help you get started with creating an online income from home is affiliate marketing.


Affiliate marketing is when you get paid to promote someone’s products and services. There are all sorts of affiliate marketing programs to work with. Having trouble finding what affiliate programs to signup for? Go for the tools and services you use to run your blog.


What platform and hosting site do you use to build your blog on? What tools and resources do you use to run your blog? For me, I’m hosting my blog with Siteground and my email marketing service is Convertkit so I am an affiliate of both programs. If you’re still not sure, here is a list of affiliate programs I am an affiliate of. If you see any of the programs you use to run your blog, feel free to sign up!!


Affiliate Programs I’m Associated With:

Email Marketing: Convertkit

Hosting: Siteground

Blog URL: NameCheap

Stock Photos: Color U Bold, Styled Stock Society, Ivorymix

Blog Theme & Landing Pages Templates: Bluchic

Automated Pinning Tool: BoardBooster

Graphic Design Tool: Canva

Entrepreneur Mindset Practices: Manifestation Babe

Course Creation Platform: Teachable

Digital Product Delivery: SendOwl


Most of the fashion and beauty affiliate programs such as Forever 21 and Target are ran by a third party, affiliate networks. Here are some major ones below:

 Affiliates Networks For Beginning Bloggers

  1. Google Adsense
  2. Amazon Affiliates
  3. VigLink
  4. Flex Offers
  5. Click Bank
  6.  Commission Junction
  7. ShareASale
  8. eBay
  9. Rakuten Affiliate Network
  10. Skimlinks
  11. PepperJam


Want to learn more about affiliate marketing and how YOU can earn an online income, click here!!


Good luck on your affiliate journey! Do you have any programs I should add to the list for beginners? Comment below!!!




In this post, you'll learn how to monetize your blog from scratch with affiliate marketing and start earning an online income right from home!

  • Thanks for encouraging small bloggers to stop saying, “I’ll start monetizing when I get x amount of viewers”! 10 really passionate viewers that will buy anything you suggest are far more powerful than 1000 that will take no action when you mention things.

    To add to your list- I have an affiliate program for my e-courses that welcomes bloggers of any size! If you blog about fashion or personal development, then check out and apply for my program here: http://www.leslie-friedman.com/affiliate-program. I also send each new affiliate a 3 day email on-boarding course to help them become rock star affiliates- so if you’re new to affiliate marketing, I’ve got you covered. 🙂

    If you want more info about the program, don’t hesitate to email me: empowerme@leslie-friedman.com.

    Cheers! Leslie

    • tiamac


  • Thanks for the post! I am sitting here thinking the exact same thing everyday! Yes I’ve signed up for share a sale and amazon but I still don’t have enough page views or followers and haven’t made anything yet. I just applied for google adsense. Gotta start somewhere I suppose.

  • tiamac

    We’re gonna get there. Promise! Even if it’s just $1.50!!

  • I’ve been researching different ways to monetize my blog as well. I signed up for ShareASale, but haven’t found a good company to sign up with. I am a lifestyle blogger with a focus on frugality, organization, and blogging. I am having trouble finding companies that coincide with my niche. Any suggestions?

    • tiamac

      How long have you been blogging? Have you tried Michelle Schroeder-Gardener’s “Making Sense of Cents” blog? Her niche is finance and she’s basically a blogging guru. Sign up for her email list if you haven’t already and then send her an email. She usually responds within 24 hours. She’ll help you any way she can. She’s the best!

  • Thank youuuu! ? Very resourceful read, my thoughts were so similar! I’m gunna give it a go and work on my monetizing moves ? Lol

    • tiamac

      You’ll definitely get there girl! Its slow, but it’ll be worth it in the end!

  • Hello! Thanks for the post. I would love to try it too. 🙂 Have you started earning from any of those? 🙂

    • tiamac

      Not as of yet, but I’m staying positive. It’s usually a slow start up. I’m gonna be changing up promoting and imementing different strategies

  • This post inspired me to apply for Adsense! We’ll see what happens, I’m pretty nervous!

    • tiamac

      YAY!!!!!!!!! I’m so happy I could give you a small push to take the first step! I love that! Now, dont be discouraged if you dont get approved ok? That’s 1/103856383920273649 companies in the world lo. Be happy that you took that step. I’ve been approved for 10 companies now and I’ just as nervous, excited and eager to start my cash flow, but just know it’ll take time and patience, but you got this!

  • Kristen

    Great list – and thanks for addressing the issue the big bloggers keep skirting!

    • tiamac

      Thank you for enjoying. I just want people to know that sometimes you need certain qualifications for certain companies, but I will be updating this list soon!

  • I appreciate this post so much!! You are absolutely right, there’s not enough info out there that’s helpful specifically for newbie bloggers without a large following already. I will definitely be using and referring to this post as I grow my own small personal blog and continue to help grow the larger blog I manage professionally! Best of luck to you with your blog! 🙂

    • tiamac

      Thank you!

  • Thank you so much for tackling this topic! I’ve been operating under the (extremely prevalent) impression that I can’t even think about making money from my blog until I come a loooooong way from where I am now. It’s so good to know that there are options (and other people in the position I’m in now!). Thank you!

    • tiamac

      You’re very welcome. You can start from day 1 girl. It takes work, time and patience. As long as you stay positive and keep pouring love into your blog, you’ll reach that goal!