Looking for a side job in between paychecks?

Check out mystery shopping!

Who doesn’t  doesn’t love FREE money?

Exactly. Everyone loves free money. There are all sorts of ways to make extra money. Selling products on eBay or Amazon, filling out surveys, running errands, but I think a much slept on topic is mystery shopping.  Mystery shopping is basically signing up with a company and getting paid to evaluate certain businesses such as restaurants, grocery stores, and movie theaters. Reimbursement is at least half, if not all, money spent on a certain shop. If you have any free time, try to squeeze in a shop or two for some extra cash. Depending on how much time you put in, mystery shopping could either be a side job for a couple dollars or you could turn it into a supplemental income. I’ve completed a few shops and the pay was great. I get emails every day about new opportunities in or near my area. Of course, there are certain rules that you have to follow in order for the shops to be payable. Most companies use PayPal for payment. Others send a check and few use direct deposit.  One person wrote about how she made 14k mystery shopping in her free time. Pay ranges between  $3 to $20 depending on the company and the shop. You’ll have to do your research on what company is a good fit or you. Below will be a list of great companies to mystery shop for.

If you’re already a mystery shopper, what companies do you prefer? Have you made just a couple dollars or enough money to pay bills? Share your experience below.

  • Mystery shopping is indeed an excellent way to make a few extra dollars. I have been a mystery shopper myself for over a year and while I don’t put very much time into it, because I am a homeschooler, writer and have a disabled son, I do make a little extra that really helps out. Anyone who has the time to commit to doing a couple of shops a day could stand to pay some bills with the income. I highly recommend it.

  • Lorraine James

    I’m so happy you posted this, because I’ve been wanting to do mystery shopping on the side for a while, but never knew any good companies. Now I do!! What a coincidence! Thanks for this, Tia.

    • tiamac

      I’m glad I can help! It was meant for us to find each other lol