Visuals are everything!

As you know, humans are visual by nature. Humans respond to visual data better than any other data because 90% of info transmitted to the brain is visualThe human brain processes imagery 60,000 times faster than regular text.


Are you ready to make your blog standout among the rest? Learn how to make your blog stand out with stock photos!


The human brain processes imagery 60,000 times faster than regular text. Click To Tweet

It’s easy to see humans are naturally drawn to visual imagery. Why do you think we all love Pinterest so much? It’s all about the visuals. 

When we’re looking for recipes or activities for our kids, we like to see what it’ll look like once it’s done. Our eyes look for what’s “aesthetically pleasing” or what’s attractive. 

This is the reason why bloggers and online business owners use Pinterest. We create beautiful imagery to help attract and guide readers to our websites.

What do we use to create that imagery? A great design software such as Canva or Adobe Illustrator and stock photos of course!

Now, there are free stock photo sites such as Pexels, iStockPhoto, Pixabay, Unsplash, and Shutterstock. 

The only downside to using free stock photos is that everyone else will be using the same photos for their website as well.

You, also, have to pay attention to make sure, legally, there is no backlash for licensing when using those photos

You, also, have to pay attention to make sure, legally, there is no backlash in licensing when using those photos.

Recently, there have been photographers uploading their photos on free sites for people to use, BUT they take them down and reach out to the people they see using those photos claiming copyright! Read more on this horrible practice here.

You definitely DON’T want to have to worry about being sued over a picture right? Just too many things to think about.

So what would be less of a headache having to deal with others using the same free stock photo as you or fear of being sued using someone’s photo you thought was okay to use?

A paid membership! Why? There is less of an occurrence of someone using the same photo as you. Paid memberships give you the option to use over 100 photos anywhere on your social media, emails, blog+business, etc.

You have to choose the membership that’s right for you and your blog+biz. It has to match your brand, your niche, and help you stand out among all these other websites.  

It also has to fit within your budget right? I’m a stickler so everything I use, I try to see if it’ll fit into my blog+biz budget before I make any decisions. 

Don’t worry, though. I have 5 of the BEST stock photo memberships that will fit comfortably into your budget: Color.U.Bold, Ivorymix, Wonderfelle, Wonderlass and Creative Market.

The Top 5 Stock photo Memberships to fit your budget:



Color.U.Bold was my first ever paid stock photo membership and I’ve been loyal ever since. This membership also helped me make my first affiliate sale. This is included in my first ever income report you can read here.

Jasmine’s Color.U.Bold membership is for the girl boss who is all about bright colors that POP! out among the rest, getting the attention your blog+biz deserves in ANY niche.

For just $10 a month, you get over 50+ FREE photos when you sign up for her email list and access to over 150+ photos after you purchase the membership.

Jasmine gets so excited when she takes her photos, she ends up adding over 50+ images a month just for the hell of it! Here are some samples:

Get stock photos that POP! and make your brand standout for only $10!



Kayla over at Ivorymix gives you a minimalistic feel to her photos that help your blog feel more natural to your lifestyle.

Whether you’re a cook, workout buff, or top fashion designer, Ivorymix has answered your prayers. 

For $10 a month, you’ll receive access to over 340+ stock photos AND resources Kayla uses to run her business + a FREE code to use for 25% off any purchase you make inside the Ivorymix Shop. Enjoy the minimalistic feel below:

Get one of the best stock photo memberships for only $10!


Styled Stock Society

For a more feminine, and classy fashionista, Elle from Wonderfelle brings you the Styled Stock Society. These are the most elegant and gorgeous stock photos I’ve ever encountered and I use them all of the time.

At just $29 a month, you’ll get IMMEDIATE access to over 400+ images with over 50 images being added every month.

It just so happens Elle is celebrating the Styled Stock Societys 1 year anniversary. She’s giving a bonus Father’s Day special for 25% off the membership making it only $21.75 using the code: YAY25. 

This sale ends on June 20 at 11:59 pm EST. Check out some of her stylish photos:

If you want a classy, elegant stock photo membership, purchase the Styled Stock Society membership that's on sale for $21.75!


Creative market

If you’re not ready for a monthly membership or you’re just getting started and haven’t figured out a blog budget as of yet, it’s ok. That’s what Creative Market is for.

Creative Market houses thousands of stock photos at awesome prices. Some of the stock photographers above you’ll see on Creative Market’s site as well.

Photographers sell their images individually or in smaller packs here.This website is PERFECT for ANY blog budget. It’s quick, affordable and easily accessible. Take a peek:

Join creative market and get stock photos, fonts, templates and more at afforadble prices to help your blog+biz stand out!



Last, but totally not least, it’s Wonderlass by Allison. If you don’t know Allison Marshall, you need to get to know her ASAP. Allison and Mr. Purrie, her cat, are super cool, energetic (she’s a  coffeeholic) and wacky fun!

All of this describes her stock photos. Wonderlass doesn’t have a membership because it’s FREE! When you sign up for her email list, you’ll get over 20 FREE photos and access to her super-awesome resource library and toolkit. 

Who can say no to free? Not me.  Ima let you know that right now lol. I hear FREE and my neck swivels with the quickness lol. Take a look at some of her images:

If you want fun, quirky, and bold stock photos for FREE, sign up for Wonderlass' email list now!



The top 5 stock memberships you need that fit into your budget comfortably are: 

1). Color.U.Bold, the colorful membership that makes your blog POP! 

2) Ivorymix, the chic yet minimalistic membership 

3) Styled Stock Society, the classy yet elegant membership.

4) Wonderlass, the quirky, cute and fun membership.

5) Creative Market, the marketplace to find all stock photos when you’re just starting out with no budget or can’t commit to a monthly membership.


You’ve also learned the importance of visuals for your blog+biz. Humans are naturally visual learners and are attracted to aesthetically pleasing images. 

To help drive traffic to your blog + biz and make it stand out, you need stock photos. There are free options, but paid memberships are a better way to help avoid any legalities of using the free options.

These resources I use myself to help my blog stand out among the crowd and it has done wonders for me! I know these will work for you too. Thank you so much for your support in myself and my blog. You are greatly appreciated! =)

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Learn how to make your blog+biz stand out with the top 5 stock photos that will fit your blog budget comfortably.

Do you want your blog+biz to stand out in the crowd? Learn how with these 5 stock photo memberships that will fit your budget comfortably.
It's easy to get lost within the blogging world. This is why you need visuals to help gain traffic to your blog from social media. Learn how to make your blog stand out with stock photos
Learn how to make your blog+biz stand out with the top 5 stock photos that will fit your blog budget comfortably.

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    I’m a newbie blogger, so this is perfect for me! Thank you!

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      No prob. Anything to help!

  • Great visuals are definitely a must. I’m currently working on my photography skills so that I can shoot my own stock photography soon.

    • Tiana McCullough

      I definitely wanna try my hand at it! That’s an awesome stream of income!

  • I started using stock photos, finally, and I feel like they make a big difference! I’ve heard of a few of these memberships, but kind of stick to what I can afford, which is free ha ha, so I use the freebies they offer!

    • Tiana McCullough

      Can’t say no to free! You’ll get the most free photos with Color.U.Bold

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  • These girls have some of the best photos in the game! So I feel honored to be apart of this group, Thanks so much for including me! Loved this post and how detailed it was.

    Jasmine 🙂

    • Tiana McCullough

      Girl, you already know I’m C.U.B for life!