Pinterest is the answer to EVERYTHING!

I know I am not the only blogger in the world to give Pinterest its praise. Pinterest is the new Google. It isn’t just a regular social media site because there’s really no communication. This is a bookmarking site of beautiful visuals that lead to great content from all over the world. Whether it be yoga for beginners or no bake cheesecake, whatever you need can be found here.  

It isn’t just a regular social media site because there’s really no communication. This is a bookmarking site of beautiful visuals that lead to great content from all over the world. Whether it be yoga for beginners or no bake cheesecake, whatever you need can be found here.  

Whether it be yoga for beginners or no bake cheesecake, whatever you need can be found here.  

Pinterest is a HUGE source of organic traffic. Organic traffic is traffic without any paid services such as ads. It is also great for bloggers and business owners.


We, as bloggers, learn from Pinterest to help us figure out what tools we need, mixed with our own strategies, to help you grow as well.  

Pinterest made it possible for us to share our content, products, and services to help you grow as a person and as a business.

Now that we know how Pinterest can help bloggers grow, let’s learn how to make an affiliate sale!

My First Affiliate Sale on Pinterest!

I was super excited this past weekend because I had my FIRST affiliate sale. WHOOHOO! It was unexpected.

I just completed the Ultimate Budget Guide For Bloggers containing great tools and resources for bloggers that are on a tight to non-existent budget when my phone lit up.

It was an email notification saying, “You helped Color U Bold make a sale.”  Color U Bold is one of my top 3 stock photo sites to use for my blog. Jasmine’s photos add the right kind of color POP! to your photos.

Color U Bold was the first stock photo membership I’ve signed up for because it fit right into my budget! ONLY $10 a month?

Not to mention, your inbox gets over 50 FREE photos just to sign up for her email list, IMMEDIATE access to over 100 stock photos, PLUS over 50 photos added each month! I just had to share the excitement.

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How to Make An Affiliate Sale on Pinterest!

This was inspired by this special ebook I read last week about How to Make Your First Affiliate Sale in 24 Hours on Pinterest by Elise McDowell.

She went through step by step from actually designing the pin to posting on Pinterest. Using this ebook, combined with my strategy, helped me get my first sale and I know you will too!

Click through using this link to get more information about this ebook. Let’s get started on earning your first affiliate sale! 



1). Sign Up To Be An Affiliate!

You have to have a product to promote first. DUH! Don’t know what affiliate companies to sign up for? Click over to Monetizing Your Blog, where I list companies that work with small time bloggers and businesses to start monetizing here.

Signing up to any resource blogging tools, ebooks, courses, etc you use/used and love is perfect for earning an income with affiliates marketing. Once approved, the company will set up your dashboard with different affiliate links to banners, text/email links, and ads to use.



2). Be Comfortable In Selling Your Affiliate Product/Service

Promote a product and/or service you have a personal experience with. Do not promote a product that you have not used or at least, did research on.

Your audience will know and put you in the “sell-out” category. Being able to relate to the products and services adds a personal touch to your blog and doesn’t seem like a sale.

It should be as natural as possible and flow within your posts, product reviews, etc. The goal is to ATTRACT your audience to buy!



3). Design Your Pin

Time to incorporate Pinterest starting with a beautiful, eye-catching pin! There is a choice between a Pinterest image provided by the affiliate program or you could just create your own like most bloggers do!

I used one of the images Jasmine supplied for her affiliate program. If you want to show off your art game, get to it! Use your favorite stock photo memberships for pins. 

If you don’t have a membership, click over to Color U Bold and get access to over 170+ FREE stock photos sent to your inbox just for signing up AND over 50 FREE images sent to your email and also added to your membership for ONLY $10 per month!! Ivorymix now offers 2 months for $20 with over 350+ photos upon signup!



ALRIGHT! Time to design your pin. I, personally, love Canva. It is my knight in shiny pictures! 


Canva Design Instructions

1) Go to . If you’re new, create an account with email and password.

2) Click “Create a Design and you’re going to choose Pinterest Graphic

3) There are different kinds of graphics you can use. You can use the layouts provided and just customize them yourself, upload your own stock photos from your favorite membership OR you can use a background template located under the Backgrounds tab.

4). Once the background is selected, move your mouse toward the corner of your picture. When the diagonal arrow shows up, click and drag until the picture covers the whole space of the graphic. You will have to keep adjusting until you get the perfect picture to use.

5). Time for a catchy headline! Toward the top on the left side, you will see the T for “text.” Next, there are different font formats to use for your pins. A bar at the top will show different ways to customize the pin such as color and size. There is an Elements tab featuring different shapes where text can be added inside or shape can be used as a text border.

When finished, click the Download button in the top right corner of the dashboard. 



4) Optimize Your Pin Image!

BEFORE uploading an image to your blog or Pinterest, you’d want to optimize it first. Optimizing this image will help “compress” or “shrink” your image WITHOUT the image being manipulated.

Optimizing images helps with your blog page loading faster, perfectly sizing the image for Pinterest, AND it could save disk space on your computer. I optimize every image with TinyPNG.



5). Upload Your Pinterest Pin!

Now, you can upload your pin to Pinterest lol. Log into your Pinterest account. Click on the red plus sign to begin uploading your pin.

Below where it will ask for the website, place your affiliate link in that bar. That link will take the reader directly to the affiliate page. Press submit.

Affiliate Disclosure

The image will load with a description box directly below it. Write a description of the pin using major keywords and phrases that your audience would use to search on Pinterest.

After writing a description, do not forget to follow FMTC rules stating that you HAVE to identify when using an affiliate link.

At the end of the description, simply write #afflink. This will let Pinterest know that the pin is an affiliate link. 



Time to show off that pretty pin of yours! Start to promote your pin by saving it into the Pinterest groups and your personal boards.

Make sure you read the rules of each group board before posting. Some group boards do not allow affiliate marketing.


Share this pin on Facebook,  FB groups (if allowed), Tailwind Tribes. Twitter, StumbleUpon, and Instagram. Schedule them into your promotion tool such as BoardBooster and Tailwind. DO NOT SPAM!


Send an email to your subscribers letting them know of a new blog post. If paid ads are your thing, you can do that too. Utilize every tool you have!


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Wrap Up

Now, you’re ready to start earning an income with Pinterest! Remember, sign up to be an affiliate for products and/or services you absolutely love and are comfortable promoting.


There should be a personal experience or at least research about the affiliate. Use the appropriate image supplied to by the affiliate program or create your own in Canva.


Optimize the image with TinyPng or a site of your choosing. Upload your pin to Pinterest and promote like your life depends on it! 


What other social media sites do you use to promote your content? Have you made any sales on Pinterest? Let me know below!


Resource List:

Color.U.Bold, Ivorymix – Stock photos

Canva – Design software

First Affiliate Sale in 24 Hours – Elise McDowell

BoardBooster – Scheduling tool

TinyPNG – Optimization tool




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It can be hard for beginners in affiliate marketing when trying to earn money, but then again it doesn't have to be.  Read here on how to make your first affiliate sale using Pinterest!




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    Great tips! I recently signed up to be an amazon affiliate and I think it would be great to promote some products on Pinterest!

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      That’s a great start, Amy! Amazon has MULTIPLE advantages for their affiliate program. Good luck and hope you start making that cash girl!

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