Are YOU Ready to DOMINATE Pinterest?

I was just like you a few days ago. Lost about how to tame the secret algorithm of how to gain Pinterest traffic like everyone else. The frustration, doubt, and annoyance of why I couldn’t figure out what I was doing wrong.

There were times where I wanted to just give up. Only rely on my Facebook traffic, but something wouldn’t let me. There’s no quitting in my blood so I kept pushing. The obsession to learn more amped itself up.

The determination to keep going sparked and it led me to this:

Learn how to get Pinterest traffic to your blog using these Pinterest tips

3 DAYS!!! After 3 days of implementing this strategy I found, my Pinterest has EXPLODED.

This was my Pinterest on May 27th:

Learn how to gain Pinterest traffic to your blog with these Pinterest tips

This was my Pinterest on May 30th:

This….is….INSANE! I was so excited to wake up to these results. I learned this strategy and much more that helped me gain Pinterest traffic from Krista’s course:

Pageviews from Pinterest

Krista from Blog Beautifully used to be a Pinterest manager. She helped many others grow their Pinterest accounts, but she recently stopped working as a Pinterest manager to blog full-time.  Her dream is to provide us with every tip and trick she’s learned to help us dominate the online world, including Pinterest. And with Pageviews from Pinterest, she’s definitely helped me in more ways than one! 

Take it from someone who has bought over 4 Pinterest courses in the past. I’ve NEVER seen results like this from any other course! If this course was around in the beginning when I started my blog, I probably wouldn’t have taken a look at any other course.

Pageviews from PinterestKrista shows us all her strategies on how to gain Pinterest traffic.In Module 1, she explains the basics of Pinterest and how to get our profiles Pinterest ready for the ultimate traffic. I started a whole new Pinterest account just to implement these strategies.

In Module 2, you’re going to learn how to optimize your profile. A sneak peek at one of her strategies is by adding keywords in your profile name and the profile bio. If you’ve already done this, you’re definitely on the right track. After I implemented that into my profile, I already started gaining views. 

Module 3 is where she walks us step by step, teaching how we build our boards for success. A sneak peek into this strategy is to make sure your board names and descriptions contain the main keywords users search for.

In Module 4…….wait….you didn’t think I’d be giving all her secrets away, did you? What kind of person do you think I am? What I can tell you is that this Pinterest course is like NO OTHER! Each module contains a downloadable 15-30 page instructional ebook, up to 3 video tutorials to walk you through every step,  and actionable steps to complete before moving to the next module.

Krista‘s bonuses for enrolling in the course are even BETTER! How do 3,000 FREE BoardBooster pins as one of the bonuses sound to you? Best part, she will teach you how to become a Pinterest Manager and her ways of earning a full-time income. It does NOT get any better than this, I’m telling you right now.

This course is for you if:

  • You’re tired of not pinning your butt off and not seeing any results
  • Your pins not being the rave of Pinterest
  • Creating boards and only getting minimal traffic to your site

IT ALL STOPS HERE! Enroll in Pageviews from Pinterest if you’re TRULY ready to gain Pinterest traffic to your blog.

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  • Casey

    Always looking for more pinterest tips! I’ll definitely look into this booklet. Congrats on your growth!

    • Tiana McCullough

      THANK YOU! it’s definitely worth it!

  • Kerona Ledgister

    congrats on your growth i hope each day you grow more and more

  • congratulations! Pinterest was doing amazing things for me a few months ago, but it has totally dropped and I’m really struggling with why.

  • Zombiiee

    Just the kind of post I’ve been looking for, thank you so much for all the tips.

  • Wonderful!! I started to really focus on growing my Pinterest account last year. Great advice.

  • This sounds interesting
    I am working on my pinterest too


  • Maya Maceka

    What a jump in your monthly views! I’ll have to look into this strategy for sure. Thanks for the info!