All you hear is, ” All traffic will come from Pinterest.”

People underestimate the greatness of Facebook.


Pinterest is the new craze and favorite among search engines other than Google.  In my opinion, Pinterest is Google’s biggest competitor. We used Google for everything, but now the first place is Pinterest. I am, too, guilty of this. When it comes to new recipes and DIY, I will open my Pinterest app in a heartbeat.

Another thing about Pinterest is the amount of traffic it brings. This is why bloggers always say to build a foundation on Pinterest. Their traffic will do your blog wonders with the right images, titles, tags and all that jazz. What I’ve discovered in the midst of this Pinterest Poise, is that Facebook can give you great traffic as well. To be completely honest with you, Facebook gave me the most amount of views. With the help of my “mini-viral” post, Monetizing Your BlogI got the hugest spike in traffic. Most of the views came from Facebook and it began to be shared on Pinterest by the 2nd day which spiked traffic as well. I received Facebook traffic with these three steps:

How To Drive Traffic To Your Blog From Facebook


1)  Join Facebook Groups

Just like Pinterest, you have to join group boards. Join Facebook Blogging groups. There are many groups out there. Whether you want to join a blogging group related solely to your niche or you want to join a group where every niche is welcome, send a request. I’m in over ten blogging groups on Facebook and everyone from each group is willing to give you advice or tips. There are tons of blogging for beginner groups as well as pro blogging. Whichever you prefer, go for it. You will love it from day 1. Bloggers are so supportive! Subscribe to my blog and send me an email so I can give you a list of all the blogging groups I am in.

2) Interaction

Interaction is an important part if you want to get organic traffic to your blog. Engaging with others is a great opportunity to make friends with bloggers. Bloggers are the sweetest people you will ever meet. Once you join the blogging groups, look into the rules. There will be certain days where you can share your blogs, social media links and contribute to praise posts such as any personal, business and blog accomplishments. On promo days, post your blog links and interact with at least 3 other bloggers. There are 2 groups I partake in that require you to give feedback on at least 5 posts or more. By all means, the more the merrier.  Engage with as many as you can especially within your niche. They can give you feedback, advice, and tips on what you need to change.

3) Reach Out

Do not hesitate to reach out privately to a blogger you feel comfortable talking to. I’ve talked to a couple of bloggers outside of the blogging groups as a one-on-one session to help me step my blog game up. Send them a message on Facebook or ask to email them some material and get feedback on it before you post. They may be able to catch some mistakes you overlooked. Being a blogger is mainly relating to your audience on certain subjects. If you can relate to another blogger, that tells you you’re on the right path to your audience relating to you.


If you were/are shy like me, blogging will definitely change that for you. Blogging is the only place where I am not shy to be myself and it gives me an outlet to let my true colors shine. Everyone who has had a conversation with me knows I am the silliest, positive and inspiring person you’d ever meet. Let your colors shine. They will help with traffic to your blog as well because your audience can sense when you are being genuine or not. 

Well, that’s it. Those are the three ways I drove traffic to my blog from Facebook. It may not be Pinterest, but it can definitely get your numbers up. Have any more questions on how I can help get you more Facebook traffic to your blog? Subscribe to my blog, comment, or use the contact form to email any questions or concerns you have. I’d be happy to help! Don’t forget to pin on Pinterest, share on Facebook and retweet on Twitter! Share with your fellow blogging friends!

  • Facebook has helped me so much more than Pinterest! You’re totally right, engaging with the community will benefit you the most for sure!

    • tiamac

      We’re definitely going to rock Pinterest as soon as we get it down!

  • Love this! Super helpful. Any tips on searching for Facebook groups?

    • tiamac

      Type in the search bar “blogging” or “(niche) blogging groups”

  • Facebook groups has helped me a lot. I have received a lot more traffic from the group and you also get to interact with other awesome bloggers! Thanks for the post!

    • tiamac

      Definitely! That’s the best part. For me at least.

  • Interacting in Facebook groups has been huge for me, as well. Facebook and Pinterest are my two favorites for driving traffic!

    • tiamac

      I’m still struggling with Pinterest. Everyone says that the key is big Pinterest groups with tons of followers. I’m in about 6-8 of them and I’m still not getting the traffic. What do you suggest?

  • Great post and advice, I practice it myself and it’s very helpful!

    • tiamac

      Thank you so much!

  • I always see Pinterest being used as a way to drive traffic but for me Facebook gets me the most views! I agree that the blogging community is so sweet and inviting, I wasn’t expecting to be welcomed with open arms.

    • tiamac

      Me neither! I feel so loved among them all. I’ve talked to a couple on more than one occasion and they’ll do anything they can to help.

  • Gina

    I have not maximized the results that I think are possible from pinterest. I enjoy my Facebook groups more.

    • tiamac

      Me neither girl! They say the traffic is from Pinterest boards so I’ve been joining and sharing with them. I get a small amount, but the bulk is from Facebook so I’m gonna keep maximizing until I get Pinterest down. Once that happens, I’ll update you on my strategies! Deal?

  • I’ve been trying to break through on Pinterest but so far, my Pinterest traffic is very low. Facebook and StumbleUpon are definitely my biggest referers. It gets exhausting doing all this reciprocal Facebook stuff though! I just want to have a genuine organic following already lol!

    • tiamac

      Lol yea it does, but if it’s genuine when reciprocating, it wouldn’t be a pain. Especially if they’re within your niche. I personally love it because I get feedback, tips and advice from them. They’re so helpful!

  • What are your favorite Facebook groups that not only reciprocate well but also you get strong relationships out of?

    • tiamac

      I would say so far, The Blog Boss Tribe, Boost Your Blog, Blogging Newbs, Rockstar Bloggers, Blogger Insights, Blogging For Fun/Blogging 101 and Lady Boss Bloggers

  • This is great advice for how to use FB to grow your blog. I’ve found that these very things work well for me as well. Thanks for sharing!