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Ah, the joys of Pinterest. Ever just scroll on Pinterest about tips and tricks for blogging? All of a sudden, there are those pins about how your favorite bloggers get a certain percentage of traffic and page views from Pinterest. Eden Fried revealed in her GENIUS blogging course, Bread and Butter Blogging35% of her traffic came from Pinterest and Kate from Layered Indulgence’s blog post, How to Use Pinterest to Grow Your Bloggrew her page views by 710,000 in February using Pinterest. I can tell you one of the keys to Pinterest is using a scheduler to schedule your pins. Scheduling your pins is a COMPLETE time saver and will help in the process of blog traffic. Which is the best scheduler?

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BoardBooster is the number one scheduling tool to help EXPLODE traffic to your blog. Tailwind, ViralTag, Buffer and Hootsuite are great as well. I’ve had my experience with them all. I use Tailwind to schedule to my Tailwind tribes, but BoardBooster is my go-to Pinterest scheduler. This scheduler creates a duplicate board for all of your Pinterest boards except its secret boards. Instead of saving pins to the actual boards, the pins will be saved to the secret boards to be released at their scheduled times. That is the only thing downfall to BoardBooster at the moment that other bloggers would agree. What outweighs that negative is the greatest positive that is helping with my Pinterest strategy. If it wasn’t for my great friend and fellow blogger, Eden, I would’ve never found BoardBooster as helpful as it is! Visit Eden at

BoardBooster Analytics

My favorite attribute of BoardBooster is the fact that it evaluates all the boards and gives you helpful statistics that I haven’t found with the other apps. This app displays valuable information about each board and its worth to your account. The board analytics don’t just tell how many pins are scheduled, followers and pins, but also the average repin, share and like rate This attribute usually requires a paid plan with other scheduling tools.

Lucky for us, we get this information during the free trial! This is fantastic for new bloggers with a little to no available budget. I’ve only been blogging for two months and because I am currently on maternity leave, my budget is very scarce so this was a total lifesaver. This is also a VALUABLE asset to ANYONE’S Pinterest strategy. Why? This analytic helps determine which of your boards are the top performers and this helps take part in increasing your traffic. Valuable information as this can help a blog post go viral. How awesome would that be from just this small amount of information? I am taking FULL advantage of this aspect and I am seeing great results. I want this for you as well.

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Wrap Up

Pinterest can be the key to a blogger’s success. With BoardBooster, I believe this can take anyone’s blog traffic to great heights with such valuable information it provides. I’ve personally used the BoardBooster analytics provided to revamp my Pinterest strategy. If BoardBooster isn’t your main Pinterest scheduling tool, I’d seriously give it a try for just a week to see how you like it. Use this link to sign up for BoardBooster and get your first 100 scheduled pins free. Another win is for just $5 a month, you get 500 pins! BoardBooster is worth every penny to keep my scheduled pins running successfully!

Your turn! What are your favorite scheduling tools and how well do they work for you?



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BoardBooster, ViralTagTailwindHootsuite, Buffer

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