You’re making little to no money at all

And it’s frustrating the hell out of you. You’re trying your hand at affiliate marketing, freelancing, sponsored posts, anything you can try to monetize your blog or website.

You feel like throwing in the towel, thinking that, “Maybe this isn’t for me” or “Idk what I was thinking.” You even contemplated going back into the corporate world!

In the middle of your pity party, you have a lightbulb moment…”I’ll create my own products.” You’re excited……feeling good….then….you’re sad again. Why?

Because now you’re saying, “I can’t, I’m not an expert in anything” or “Who’s going to listen to me.” You’re doubting yourself again. 


Can I tell you something? Like frfr, let me tell you a secret among bloggers that you probably don’t know.


You don’t have to be an expert! 

As long as you can get someone from point A to point B, that’s all that matters. It’s all about helping solve your audience’s problem and creating an easy way to do so.


Can you do that? Awesome. Now, all you have to do is find a way to deliver that problem to your readers. The easiest way? Creating an ebook!

Wait….don’t freak out on me. Let me explain. Creating an ebook is really not as hard as you think! I can give you 3 big reasons why.


3 reasons creating an ebook isn’t hard

1)Easy to Write and access

Writing an ebook is easy because you’re a writer. Plain and simple. If you think of it as just a long in-depth blog post, you won’t seem so intimidated by it.

And it doesn’t have to be at 50 or 100 pages long. It can be as short as 15-25 pages or as long as 100 pages.

As long you can solve your reader’s problem by showing them a way to get them from problem to solution, you’re as good as gold!

Many times, your audience prefers an ebook they can finish in one sitting. Some people tend to prefer a book over a course or video because of it’s their learning preference.

It’s easily accessible because it’s a digital product so it can be read anywhere such as at home on your laptop or on their phone or tablet riding the train to work.


2) You’ve Done it before

“When did I ever create an ebook, Tia?” You did it when you went to high school and college. You know, that 12 pg, 20 pg, 30 pg essay you had to write for English?

Those were mini ebooks!  Yup, those English classes definitely do pay off in your adult life. As long as you have a structured outline, and you’re only halfway there. (SpongeBob voice)

All you have to do now is write it out, format it, and release it to your readers.


3) Doesn’t Have to Be Perfect

“Done Over Perfect.” This is a quote successful bloggers live by because NOTHING is ever going to be perfect the first time.  I’m telling you now if you try to get this ebook perfect, you’re going to fail before you even finish.

You’re going to critique and stress over every little thing. Spending your time critiquing the small things will set you back in your scheduled timeframe of actually finishing the book.

Then you’re going to panic and say, “Omg I’m not going to finish this in time.”

That’s when you start spending less and less time on your book thinking, “I’m never going to finish this. Idk why I’m wasting my time.”

Poof…..there goes a money-making ebook stored away on your computer never to be finished because you were worried about things that don’t matter.

I’m not saying don’t fix the necessary components such grammatical errors or run-on sentences (Grammarly is awesome to use).

I’m saying just sit down and write the damn book. You can always tweak it AFTER it’s finished.


“Okay Tia, so where do I start because I want to start making some money like soon. I have bills to pay and a mouth(s) to feed.”


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how to create an ebook

1) Profitable Topic

Find a place in your home or go to your local library, anyplace quiet. Sit down, take a deep breath and let the creative juices flow. Write down every single idea that pops into your head.

Don’t stop and think, “No, that won’t be a good topic.” The purpose of a braindump session is to get everything out in the open. When you’re finished, choose at least 3 ideas you think can make for a profitable ebook.

Don’t worry about the other ideas. They can make for awesome blog posts!


2) Re-Assurance

This is where you’ll validate that the topic you chose is profitable. An easy way you can validate your topic is by sending an email or survey to your subscribers.

Create a poll in FB groups you’re in (talk to the admin first). Write a blog post about wanting to create an ebook, but you need help on choosing a topic.  

Whichever idea has the most answers will be your profitable ebook topic.


“Tia, what a lot of bloggers already wrote about the validated topics I want to write about?”


And? That just means there’s a market for you to make a profit, but mostly to help your readers because you’re writing to help make their lives better by solving their problems for them.

Plus, those other bloggers aren’t you. They don’t possess your skillset for telling a story or solving a problem.

You’re the only one that can write it YOUR way. Let YOUR voice be heard.



After you’ve validated your topic for your profitable ebook, you have to create an outline. This is where I’ve found some bloggers to struggle with other than choosing a topic.

Just think of how you used to write your essay and research papers. There’s the title, introduction, body, closing or you can do title, 3 main ideas, idea 1 with subcategories, or you can create it the way you write your blog posts.

Structure an outline that works for you, do it YOUR way. Don’t try to do it everyone else’s suggested way because you can get too hung up if it doesn’t match exactly.

No matter how it’s written, make sure it’s written to get your readers from point A to point B.



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4) Schedule

Ok so you had an idea, you made sure it is a valuable, profitable topic and you wrote your outline. Good, it’s time to create a writing schedule that works for you to get your book written.

This can be a little difficult if you work full-time, part-time, or have small children, but there’s always a way to make it work. Write down some questions for yourself to help you narrow down the times you can carve out to write.

Questions if you have a full or part time job:

  1. What time do you have to be at work
  2. How do you get to work?
  3. Can you write a little on your way to work?
  4. What time do you get off work?
  5. Can you carve out 30 mins to an hour before bed


Questions if you have small children:

  1. What time do they wake up?
  2. Are they in daycare?
  3. What time do they go to daycare?
  4. How long are they there?
  5. If not, when does the baby wake up?
  6. What time does the baby eat?
  7. Do you have chores to be done?
  8. When do you cook dinner?
  9. What time do they go to bed?

If you’re a busy mom, Monica from Redefining Mom has an awesome post on time hacks!

Keep in mind, this schedule may need in-depth planning depending on your launch date of the ebook. Make sure you create a schedule you are comfortable with and can be easily followed.

5) Create

Time to write your ebook! This is the time for you to really focus, babe. You don’t even realize that your ebook can change someone’s life.

You’ll need the tools of discipline, determination, and commitment to get your book finished by your deadline.

Don’t let anyone say you can’t afford to be distracted. Why? Because life happens.  You never know what life is going to throw at you.

In my opinion, that quote should be applied when you can keep from being distracted such as not being on your phone or switching out tabs while you’re on your laptop. I tend to do this……ALOT!

As long as you can stay focused with minimal distractions, you can get your ebook done before the deadline. If life happens, don’t stress it. You can extend the deadline by a day or two or you can spend time power writing.

Power writing is where you spend an extensive amount of time just writing. The choice is ultimately up to you.

6) Launch

YOUR BOOK IS FINISHED! Time to let the world know! The promotion of your ebook can be done in so many ways.

If you’re not camera shy, you can do a live webinar, Snapchat, FB Live, Instagram story, or YouTube Live.

You can create 2-3 blog posts leading up to your release of your ebook to show your expertise in the topic you wrote about. Reference in your emails that you’re creating an ebook. Keep your subs in the loop.

Create an email course as your sales funnel with your email marketing tool that leads up to purchasing your ebook. You can start by creating a freebie to give in exchange for their emails such as a free chapter, workbook, worksheet, or a checklist.

Design an image for your social media accounts and embed the lead magnet’s URL to the landing page into the image so when someone clicks on it, it takes them to the page to sign up.

Promote your landing page or lead magnet in FB groups on promo days. Pin the image of the lead magnet or landing page to your Pinterest group boards. Get your ebook out there! 




You can end someone’s problems with your ebook. How exciting is it to know that the answer to their problems lies in your ebook? Not only does it change their lives, it changes yours as well. Why? 

Because you conquered a fear. You sat down, focused, put in time and dedication and created a life-changing ebook! 

To create an ebook, let alone any kind of product to sell online for the first time takes a lot of courage in stepping out of your comfort zone.Tell me something.

If you went back in time and told yourself that in the future, you would own a blog and make a ton of money by writing a successful ebook, would you believe it?

Hell, I wouldn’t lol. I was the shyest kid ever. I stayed to myself every chance I got. If you told me I was going to actually own a blog and communicate with others through my content, I would’ve thought you were crazy.

I look at myself now and can see I’m a totally different person ever since I started Everyday Tia. It’s given me a chance to help so many people blog for success.

All the comments and emails I receive on a daily basis of thank yous, this was exactly what I needed or how did you do this and that. I am always speechless and eternally grateful for this opportunity to help change so many lives that I want to help you do the same.

If you truly believe that you can help even just one person with your ebook, write it and put it out into the atmosphere. Somebody is waiting for your advice to help them blog better, think better, learn better, manage time better. 

Whatever solution you have for someone, go beyond the regular blog post. Dig deep and guide them through the process of identifying the problem, addressing the problem, and how to solve it.

Go get motivated and create an ebook to help make their life better!

They will love you forever.



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YoastSEO & Jaaxy – Helps with good SEO practices 

TinyPNGImage optimization

Boss Plugin – Automatic affiliate disclosure statement

Canva – Designing pins

Color.U.Bold  – Stock photos

Grammarly – Corrects grammar mistakes

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Are you looking for an easy way to make money with a blog? Read here how to create an ebook to help monetize your blog easily!


Are you looking for great ways to monetize your blog? Click here to learn the best way to make money with a blog and create a reliable source of income!
Do you want to create a new stream of income? Learn how to create an ebook to help monetize your blog and the three reasons why it's not hard!

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Are you looking for an easy way to make money with a blog? Read here how to create an ebook to help monetize your blog easily!

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