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April income report

Welcome to my very FIRST income report! I am soo excited! This was a rocky month for us. My daughter, Laila, was born prematurely via emergency c-section and was rushed to the NICU where we spent 2-3 weeks until we were able to come home. 

While in her room, I was having a breakdown. I was overly overwhelmed with everything happening. I decided to take May off from blogging. I spent May taking care of my daughter, revamping my blog AND creating something just for YOU! I’ll get to that later. Now, for the income report:

How I earned $20 with affiliate marketing

My goals for May were simple; Take care of my daughter, revamp my blog and work on the secret goodie for you guys. Needless to say, I got everything done, except redesigning my blog. Please excuse the atrocity of how it looks right now. Because this is my first report, I’m going to get straight to the numbers

Needless to say, I got everything done, except redesigning my blog. Please excuse the atrocity of how it looks right now. Because this is my first report, I’m going to get straight to the numbers

Because this is my first report, I’m going to get straight to the numbers and the goals:

Color U Bold – $2.50

A Prettier Web – $10

Blogmutt – $8

Color U Bold is one of my top 5 favorite stock photo memberships. These bright, bold and fun photos capture everything from her personality to the need for a girl boss to stand out in the crowd. It’s ONLY $10 a month. As soon as I signed up, I got over 50 FREE stock photos PLUS all access to her stock library. After those free photos, she adds ADDITIONAL FREE monthly photos. I loved them so much, I signed up for the budget friendly $50 yearly membership. Now, she spoils me even MORE! I just can’t get enough! Click here for the Color U Bold style stock photos you WON’T regret!

A Prettier Web is where I got the “Blog Lady” theme I am currently customizing at the moment. It has the BEST features including over 100 Google fonts, built in Beaver Builder for customizing your own landing pages, 3 blog layouts to choose from, I can just keep going on and on. If you want a delicate, feminine, ULTRA CUSTOMIZABLE WordPress theme, shop at A Prettier WebHer prices are very budget friendly. =)

Blogmutt is a third party who helps different companies in finding freelance writers who want to be paid to write blog posts. There are certain questions and a short, simple test to pass in order to write for Blogmutt. There are hundreds of opportunities to work different companies to provide them with blog posts to put on their site. This was my first try at freelancing and after 3 days, I sold my FIRST post! Use this link to head over to Blogmutt to start your freelance career!

My June goals are to help as many people with my new goodie! Seeing income reports from different bloggers whether earning their first $20, $50,$100,$1000 gets you to thinking, “Hey, if they can do it, so can I!” That statement is VERY true and I would like to help you do that with my course, “Become an Affiliate Blogger.” Here’s a peek at the course outline:


By the end of this course, I can GUARANTEE you’ll be an affiliate blogger with the understanding of what affiliate marketing is, ideas on creating affiliate link worthy content and a strategy on how to promote these links as well.

I worked all month on this course for you guys and because it’s my FIRST course, there is a flash welcome sale where you will get all this information at a budget friendly price because I am all about being able to afford something when investing in your blog.

If you’re ready to make a commitment to invest in yourself and your blog/biz, click here to sign up for the course now. Along with the sale, I will give you first access to my PRIVATE resource center AND a Blog Income Goals Workbook!

Get ready to turn that blog into a biz with Become an Affiliate Blogger!

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  • Going to check out blogmutt now! Thanks!

    • tiamac

      NO PROB! I hope it helps you!

  • congratulations on your first success.Keep up the good work and good wishes for your next target.

  • I also took May off (son was in the NICU) but I am ready to jump back into my blog. I LOVE Color U Bold as that’s my main source for stock photos. I’m slowly ready to learn about affiliate marketing as it seems to be everyone’s favorite source of income.